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Innovative Designs and
Creative Interiors
World Class Home Theatres and
Cutting Edge Technologies
State-of-the-Art Acoustic Spaces and Studios

Our Vision

Vision of Shravi is to accomplish and deliver exemplary benchmark standards to our valued clients.
Create conducive, efficient and eco-friendly ecosystems for living and working environments.

Shravi strongly believes in keeping abreast of latest developments, designing and creating innovative solutions, deploy bleeding-edge technologies, use latest workflows and products.

Shravi creates twenty-first-century facilities and efficient Spaces for Residential, Office, Home Theatres, Professional Audio Studios, Theme and Amusement Parks, Education Facilities and Entertainment venues.
Shravi specialises in the most neglected and important aspect of Acoustics in projects which is fundamental to building efficient, conducive, and comfortable working, living, professional and entertainment environment that makes a discerning difference which has a huge impact.

Twenty-first-century education requires a radical new approach. Shravi specialises in providing various Experiential Education and Skill Development programs for aspiring Media and Architecture professionals.

Our Mission

For Shravi every client and project is a mission that we accomplish and deliver successfully with satisfaction and standards that far exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

New Technologies, Futuristic Designs and Creating Client specific Innovative Solutions are integral to every project that Shravi undertakes.

Shravi’s approach with every project is holistic considering every requirement and aspect that is clearly understood, translated into project specification, designed, implemented and delivered with professional expertise.

Our Story

Who we are

The story and genesis of Shravi is grounded in the principle of understanding client’s requirements and providing them with the most innovative, creative and cost effective solution.

Many a times clients do not have requisite and in-depth knowledge to arrive at the best choice that meets their requirement. Living in a Technology driven era, there is often a wide choice of products and solutions which makes decision making even more difficult for the client, We at Shravi help our clients taking educated decisions.

Acoustics for instance is a subject that is less understood and neglected while building new spaces, professional studios, home theatres and entertainment venues. As a result, despite investing lot of money on equipment and built spaces, clients do not get the desired acoustic performance, sound isolation, frequency and dynamic response and the sonic or cinematic quality of sound that they expect or deserve. Shravi with its vast experience and professional expertise in Acoustics ensures that its clients expectations are not only met but surpassed…


Interior Designing

Interior Designing involves much more than interiors and is a multifaceted challenging task to not only create a visually stunning space but also design an experience that is comfortable and efficient. Shravi delivers Interiors Designs beyond your expectations using branded and good quality products, deploying experienced skills and creating an ambience that makes your living cosy and comfortable.

Buying & Selling Properties

Whether you want to buy a property or sell a property, Shravi ensures that you buy the right property as per your requirement or sell your property at the right price. The task of finding a suitable property can be challenging, tiring and taxing. With the passage of time and escalating property prices, you will find it difficult to buy the property of your choice. Shravi will help you in finding the right property in the right place at the right price.


Construction is an arduous task which has to be entrusted to the right company. Shravi will make the best use of your site and optimum utilisation of the space. We at Shravi ensure that you will get the best design based on your brief and site and your construction is completed within the budget that is reasonable, keeping in the mind the rising costs of material and labour. Shravi transforms your site into your dream home.

Home Theatres, Studios & Acoustics

These specialised projects require Tech-Creative expertise with good understanding and experience of building Acoustic spaces. Shravi with its holistic approach use latest technologies & products and Acoustic Design Concepts. We also test and calibrate built acoustic spaces to get best Aural and Visual performance. Shravi will deliver an experience that is a Audio Visual Treat and an Ambience that is enviable.

Professional Audio, Video & Projection Mapping

Building Audio – Visual infrastructure and technology facilities is a demanding task. Shravi with vast experience of its Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker has thorough understanding to build such facilities confirming to international standards. We design and create professional work environments that are productive, efficient and conducive. Shravi offers turn-key solutions with futuristic planning and latest equipment and technology choices.

Consultancy, Media Facilities & Education

Shravi’s Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker has a serious interest and passion in designing and implementing Twenty-First-Century based Experiential and Skill Development programs for aspiring Media and Architecture professionals. Many such programs have been designed and conducted for national and international students. Shravi also extends its professional services as Consultancy for various infrastructure projects and education services.