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Home Theatres, Studios and Acoustics

World Class State-of-the-Art Home Theatres, Acoustic Spaces & Studios

State-of-the-Art Home Theatres, Studios and Acoustics

Home Theatres, Studios and Acoustics are specialised projects that require Tech-Creative expertise with good understanding and experience of building Acoustic spaces. Shravi’s Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker has extensive experience of designing and building many Audio-Visual projects using latest technologies, workflows, products and Acoustic Design Concepts. Shravi takes keen interest in understanding clients requirements. Based on the client brief and the budget indicated, Shravi prepares a proposal with the best possible design and latest products. Equipped with trained and skilled resource persons, Shravi executes the projects with a meticulous plan and schedule. Shravi also extends electrical services or will guide clients electrical resource person with the requisite UPS power and distribution.

Our designs also include lighting design which is an important aspect to meet the functional requirements and also create the right ambience. After completion of installation, we calibrate built acoustic spaces to get best Aural and Visual performance. Finally Shravi will transform client requirements into conducive and efficient acoustic spaces, aural environments and deliver an experience that is an Audio Visual Treat and an Ambience that is enviable.

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Shravi Home Theatres, Studios and Acoustics services vertical offers the following services

  • Custom Designed Home Theatre holistic solution complete with Acoustic Design, Latest Audio Equipment, Video Projection and Automation.
  • Design and implementation of State-of-the-Art Audio and Video Studios with latest technologies and workflows
  • Acoustic Design for Professional Studios, Cinema Theatres, Venues, Office, Residential and Education spaces
  • Interior and Lighting Design
  • Audio, Video and Projection Equipment Choices, Configuration, Integration, Installation, Testing and Calibration
  • Electrical design including UPS recommendation, Load Distribution with MCB, Power sockets, Wiring, Signal and Power grounding

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