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The story and genesis of Shravi is grounded in the principle of understanding client’s requirements and providing them with the most innovative, creative and cost effective solution.

Many a times clients do not have requisite and in-depth knowledge to arrive at the best choice that meets their requirement. Living in a Technology driven era, there is often a wide choice of products and solutions which makes decision making even more difficult for the client, We at Shravi help our clients taking educated decisions.

Acoustics for instance is a subject that is less understood and neglected while building new spaces, professional studios, home theatres and entertainment venues. As a result, despite investing lot of money on equipment and built spaces, clients do not get the desired acoustic performance, sound isolation, frequency and dynamic response and the sonic or cinematic quality of sound that they expect or deserve. Shravi with its vast experience and professional expertise in Acoustics ensures that its clients expectations are not only met but surpassed.

Similarly, Shravi’s main objectives are to provide its clients with the most creative and innovative solutions based on latest technologies and products for Professional Audio, Video & Projection, Home Theatres, Studios, Content Creation Facilities, Theme & Amusement Parks, Interior Designing, Residential and Office spaces.

Shravi with extensive experience, research and practice of its Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker, wants to pursue its passion in Experiential Education based on Twenty-First-Century Education and Skills requirement for aspiring Media and Architecture students.

Pabba Shekhar

Pabba Shekhar unlike most of the people embarked on a challenging journey less travelled to become a self-taught entrepreneur and eventually grown into a Business Professional. Started independently from scratch with his own frugal funding, judicious financial planning, dedicated efforts, conviction, commitment and confidence. His first business was Electrical products and services which he continues to run successfully. With the success of his first business and ambition to foray into other fields, he ventured into Air Travel, Forex and Pharmacy businesses. Has serious interest in Reality business and Interior Designing which he wants to pursue with passion.

His dream and unending passion to diversify into other businesses took a serious turn when he met his childhood friend Lakkakula Ravi Shanker. He decided to transform the vast synergy of his business acumen and diversified professional experience and expertise of Lakkakula Ravi Shanker into a company which was named “Shravi”.

Lakkakula Ravi Shanker

Lakkakula Ravi Shanker is Techno-Creative Professional, Alumni of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) specialising in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering and academic background in Electronic Engineering. Empowered with more than 40 years of diversified international professional practise and experience in Electronics, Audio, Acoustics, Infrastructure facilities, spanning Analogue, Digital and Current Convergence eras. Strongly believes in understanding nuances of Filmmaking, Bleeding-Edge Technologies, Digital Products & Workflows and Creatively applying them to accomplish artistic objectives for various Film, Television, Media & Entertainment, Client specific and Custom Designed Projects.

Diffusing, imparting knowledge and techniques in a holistic and simplistic manner, educating and empowering interested novices and passionate aspirants, transforming them into Techno – Creative Professionals has been an integral part of Professional Practice.

Actively involved and participated as Senior Faculty and Guest Faculty in Filmmaking, Audio, Acoustics and Architecture subjects. Designed and conducted many professional Media Education and Architecture Programs and Workshops for national and international students.

Conceived, Designed and Commissioned Symphony a World class State-of-the-Art Futuristic Networked Audio facility in Ramoji Film City. This challenging and one of its kind project was successfully accomplished with the association of internationally renowned and one of the worlds most experienced and respected Acoustic Designer Mr. Sam Toyoshima from Japan and Studio Architect Mr. John Flynn of Acoustic Design Group, London.

Actively participated in building Infrastructure, Production and Postproduction facilities, Theme and Amusement Parks of Ramoji Film City

Worked with best international companies and consultants to deliver the most demanding project specifications and standards. As a part of professional responsibilities and projects requirements, visited best studios and facilities in the world – Universal, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, George Lucas, Todd AO, Shepperton, Abbey Road Studios, Kodak and Oxberry to study and research the standards, equipment & technology choices and workflows. Used some of the best and most expensive Audio, Video and Projection equipment. Worked with Hollywood projects and best Audio studios in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Not only accomplished but surpassed international standards and specifications in Audio studios. Interacted and worked with Audio legends like Ray Dolby, Rupert Neve, Sam Toyoshima, Ilpo Martikainen, Andy Munro.