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Consultancy, Media Facilities & Education

21st Century Media Facilities & Experiential Education
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Professional Consultation Services

Shravi extends its professional services as Consultancy for various infrastructure projects and education services. Media Facilities, Media Education, Entertainment Venues, Production and Postproduction Facilities are projects that require professional expertise across many specialisations. Shravi’s Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker with his vast experience in all these different disciplines offers Consultancy for new and upgrading of existing facilities.

Shravi’s Co-Founder L. Ravi Shanker has a serious interest and passion in designing and implementing Twenty-First-Century based Experiential and Skill Development programs for aspiring Media and Architecture professionals. Many such programs have been designed and conducted for national and international students.

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Shravi Consultancy offers spectrum of professional consultancy services in the following specialisations

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Professional Audio and Video Studios
  • Cinema Theatres
  • Custom Designed Professional Home Theatres
  • Production and Postproduction Facilities for Content Creation
  • Acoustic Design, Professional Audio and Video
  • Studios, Auditoriums and Entertainment Venues
  • Sound Design for Theme and Amusement Parks
  • Expertise in Acoustics, Audio, Video, Film and Video Projects
  • Design Acoustic Spaces for Commercial, Residential and Office Spaces
  • Acoustic solutions for built spaces with acoustic problems
  • Professional Audio, Video, Equipment Configuration, Integration, Installation & Calibration

Professional Media Education & Facilities

  • Work from Home and Study from Home Solutions
  • Media Education
  • Online and Offline Academies and Media Institutions
  • Course Design – Curriculum, Content, Pedagogy & Resources
  • Short Term Programs, Workshops, Seminars / Webinars, Master Classes
  • Autonomous Institutions
  • Infrastructure for Educational Institutions
  • Skill Development Programs for Media and Entertainment Industry
  • Co-Curricular Experiential Education based on 21st Century requirement.

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