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6 Kitchen Ideas by the Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad

In Indian households, cooking is a daily affair. The kitchen is the most extensively used room in the home. However, the sad part is that a lot of homeowners pay very little attention to the kitchen. Even during renovation and annual maintenance, people concentrate on other rooms in the home, and overlook the kitchen. Well, when it comes to kitchen interior design, there is definitely more than what meets the eye. While colour scheme and decorative features are important, the layout, flooring, position of work surfaces and storage matter even more. The space should be functional to meet the family’s lifestyle needs. 

As professional interior designers in Hyderabad, we’ve worked on several kitchen designs, and thus, we understand what works best in Indian kitchens. Whether you’re planning a traditional or modular kitchen, these fine points can turn your kitchen into your dream space.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Things you Should Consider

  • Choose a Layout

An integral part of kitchen interior design is choosing a layout. The floor plan you choose will determine how day-to-day activities will take place. The layout should be in harmony with the other rooms. In India, you’re likely to find L-shaped, U-shaped and parallel kitchen layouts. Off late, kitchen islands have also become immensely popular. No matter what layout you choose, make sure the distance between the main fixtures is comfortable, the sink and the stove are placed not too far or not too close from each other, and there is enough space for two or three people to work at the same time. 

  • Keep Flooring in Mind

Since a kitchen is a high-traffic area in the house, it comes as no surprise that the flooring should be something that is durable. Keep in mind that splashes and spills are likely to occur, therefore, consider waterproof options. Today, wood is a number one flooring choice for kitchens. However, exposure to moisture in the long-run can eventually damage them. If not hardwood flooring, you can even choose laminate floors or vinyl. They are a warm, water-resistant choice for the kitchen. These days, you even get waterproof laminates in the market which have an added strength and stability. Though wood gives the kitchen floor a luxurious finish, we would highly recommend tiling your floor. It’s durable, aesthetically-pleasing and the go-to option for wet areas. 

If you’re looking for the best kitchen floor tile options, we’re there to help you out. 

  • Select the Best Worktops

The next kitchen design prerequisite is getting the worktops and counters right. If you have a modern kitchen with inbuilt appliances, you can choose wooden countertops. Though wood offers great aesthetic value, it is not the most practical option. For Indian kitchens, we highly recommend granite or marble counter tops since they’re both durable and functional. It can withstand spills, staining and heat, and yet give your kitchen a sleek look. Another reason you should choose granite countertops is because they never go out of fashion and suit traditional as well as contemporary themes. 

  • Maximise Storage

A good kitchen design should maximise storage solutions. Try to add cabinets, drawers and shelves wherever possible. This will also help in keeping your kitchen organised and tidy. To create a visually open kitchen, include upper cabinets. These can be used to store lesser-used crockery. Below your kitchen countertop, you can have a combination of drawers and cabinets. 

Creating an easy flow is important when you’re planning and designing your kitchen. If your kitchen opens out into your dining room, store plates and cutlery close to the dinner table. Alternatively, you can even get a buffet unit to store your crockery. The cabinets and drawers below the stove should be used to store pots and pans, dry spices, ladles, knives and other kitchen tools and ingredients. With efficient storage and placement, the cooking process becomes much easier. 

  • Consider adding a Kitchen Island

If space permits, consider installing a kitchen island. It is the best choice for bungalows since there is ample space. Getting a free-standing cabinet close to the kitchen is ideal if you entertain often. It gives friends and family a chance to linger around your kitchen as you whip up some deliciousness. However, make sure the design compliments the rest of your kitchen. It should blend in yet stand out. You can even enhance the look by adding a couple of bar stools around the kitchen island. If you want it to stand out from the preparation and cooking area, use softened textured wood while if you want it to blend in, granite works well too. 

  • Get the Colour Scheme, Finish & Lighting Right

While doing up kitchen interiors in Hyderabad, we also pay close attention to the colour scheme, finish and lighting of the kitchen. 

The colour you choose all depends on where your kitchen is located. If it receives a lot of natural daylight, choose something light-coloured whereas if it is south-facing, darker units are preferable. As far as the finish of the cabinets are concerned, opt for a high-gloss finish in a contemporary setting and matte finish in a traditional home.

Lastly, plan your kitchen lighting. Ideally, every aesthetically-pleasing kitchen has ambient lighting, dimmable options and pendant lights over the island. This gives the kitchen a warm and cosy feel.

Whether you’re planning to build a kitchen from scratch or remodelling your existing one, keep in mind these crucial kitchen interior design tips. As an interior design company in Hyderabad, we’re here to help you every step of the way to bring your dream kitchen to life. Let’s connect at +91-79896 08291 or

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