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What’s your Interior Design Style – The 5 Most Popular Trends Decoded

There are no rules when it comes to interior design. However, when you follow a particular theme or style for your home, it gives it a personality. Gone are the days when interior design was restricted to choosing the right home furnishing or colour scheme. Today, it’s a lot more than that. It’s the art of balancing form and function.  A good interior designer must excel in the art of boosting the aesthetic value of a given space. That’s exactly where interior designers in Hyderabad come in. Whether you’re embarking on a large-scale home renovation or are looking to give just one room in your home a refresh, we’re there for you every step of the way. Playing with space, light and colour is our forte. 

5 Best Interior Design Styles to Consider during your Home Makeover

To ensure your home resonates with you and your lifestyle, understanding the various facets of interior design styles is always helpful. It makes the process less daunting, and gives you and your interior designer a common frame of reference. Let’s breakdown the five most popular styles for you:

  • Contemporary

‘Contemporary’ is a buzzword that is used in various contexts. However, when it comes to aesthetics, contemporary is something that constantly changes. What we might consider contemporary today, might change completely tomorrow. More than a style, it is a trend that evolves with time. 

If you’re someone with an unwavering penchant for clean lines, shapes and forms, a subtle colour palette with an occasional pop of a bright hue and a great priority given to natural light, your interior style is probably contemporary. 

Texture is key in contemporary interiors. It can be achieved with minimal wooden panelling, wallpaper and use of furnishings with geometric prints. You could also opt for accent furniture pieces and stay away from the bulky ones. 

  • Traditional

Traditional is one of the oldest interior design styles. It is rooted in heritage and takes inspiration from various cultures. Think ornate carvings, solid teak wood furniture and handicrafts. In India, traditional interior design is a contrast in the north and south. While you’re likely to see Mughal-inspired architecture in the north, down south, it is predominantly temple architecture. 

As far as the interiors in this style are concerned, earthy tones, vibrant shades and folk-art items are a highlight. 

  • Minimalistic

Just as the word implies, the mantra for a minimalist home interior is “less is more”. The style shares similar cues to a contemporary interior style where you’ll find clean lines, simple shapes and tonnes of natural light. However, it differs in intent. There are fewer distractions, more open spaces and every piece of furniture is likely to be functional. 

To achieve the concept of minimalism within the four walls of your home, you have to choose your colour scheme wisely. Monochrome should be your first choice, or any other subtle hues. As far as possible, ditch the clutter. Leverage on cleverly concealed storage. As far as your home furnishings are concerned, think of organic and sustainable options. You could even add an occasional plant in every room to incorporate a hint of green.  

  • Bohemian

A Bohemian interior design style incorporates elements from various cultures. It’s free-spirited where several elements are thrown together. Mismatched furnishings, quirky furniture, low seating and vintage décor pieces dominate this style. 

French windows with a narrow balcony are fundamental to this style. If you’ve collected mementos and décor pieces from your travel adventures, it would be a good idea to put them to use. Think block prints, tribal masks, tapestries and rugs. To nail a Bohemian interior design style, use colour and texture throughout your home. 

If you find it over-the-top to give your entire home a Bohemian theme, you can even restrict it to the living room.  

  • Scandinavian

Hailing from its namesake, a Scandinavian design style is synonymous with cosiness. This style is for anyone who treasures simple things in life. It can even be referred to as organic modern. However, it is more simplistic and minimal in its approach. 

The furniture in a Scandinavian-styled home is likely to be affordable and functional, with plenty of emphasis given to the materials used. Think cane and rattan. The soft colour palette comprises whites, creams and tans. You can even call this style laid back. As far as furnishings are concerned, cotton and linen are the most preferred choices. 

Beyond the above-discussed interior design styles, there are several others which might find a place in your home. You can even combine two styles to give your space an edgy look. The possibilities in this field are limitless. If you would like to speak to the best interior designing company in Hyderabad, leave us a message at or call +91-7989608291. 

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